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naked girl in water (nudes of model Yana)
young naked girl sunbathing (nudes of model Yana)
nude on the beach (nudes of model Yana)
natural sensuality (nudes of model Yana)

Model: Yana

Photographer: Guapamania

Category: nudes (photos/series)

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A cheerful series of nudes with a gorgeous naked girl with long black hair, natural, unshaven pubic hair, hard nipples and a dreamlike figure...

Absolutely natural, free and with her easy-going nature, Yana again appears irresistibly sexy in these photos. The water on the beach was ice cold, the waves constantly splashed cold shivers over the young model, soon her beautiful long hair was completely wet, salt water dripped from her luscious skin an from her thick bush of dark pubic hair. Full of playful delight she reacted spontaneously like a young cat, she streched her perfect girls body shivering and laughing in the cool showers and showed herself spontaneous and purely unposed from her most beautiful sides.

The strong morning sun provides a high contrast in these joyful and expressive nudes. On some images, the direct back-light caused rays of light in the hair and around the young, girlish body. Sometimes it seems almost like a halo...

I discovered this lovely Argentinian model in spring 2010 and obviously awakened the desire to be photographed in her. Anyone who has seen these beautiful images will not be surprised about the fact that Yana, with her non-adorned, natural sensuality, is now working successfully with many other photographers, too. Here you see her unretouched and simply the way she is: young, happy, gorgeous, graceful and seductive...


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Angel wrote on 12. Jan. 2011:

  Sirena del mar

Sirena del mar como me gusta que esas olas choqen contra tu cuerpo desnudo

RUDOLF wrote on 02. Jan. 2011:


Jonas wrote on 06. Dec. 2010:


Wow that's a tough girl! I guess it was pretty cold.

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Yana's "cold water fun"

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guapamania photos/series: "cold water fun" (nudes). Artistic nude photography and lingerie photos with a touch of feminine and sensual eroticism.. The mania of pretty pictures of pretty girls. Collections with sexy stories about women from the world!. Tags for this page: Guapamania Yana artistic nudes at the sea black eyes black pubic hair charming cheerful cold dark-haired dream girls enchanting furry bush girlish body hairy bush innocent girl irresistible latina south american girl long black hair long haired long legs naked naked on the rocks natural girl natural sensuality natural woman nude outdoors nudes on the beach photos playful plump bums pubic hair sensual charisma series sexy small bosom tempting unshaven girls very pretty wet hair wild long mane wild razy girl young cat young girls young girls bosom artistic nude photography sensual artistic nudes erotic art nude models art nudes

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