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naked woman painting (nudes of model Candela)
nude girl with long blonde hair (nudes of model Candela)
naked girl with lamp (nudes of model Candela)

Model: Candela

Photographer: Guapamania

Category: nudes (photos/series)

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The young and pretty art student, with beautiful long hair, unshaven, bushy pubic hair and a perfect body paints a picture - naked in an illuminated room in front of the window. The people sitting in the sidewalk cafés on the plaza below are watching amused...

I photographed these artistic nudes in the studio apartment in Barcelona's artists district El Borne exclusively with available light. Also I gave almost no instructions to the model how to pose. She focused entirely on her painting, and I was present as a silent (well, not very silent....) observer and tried to capture the mood with the camera.

The result is a series of pictures of the dense atmosphere, which, I think, show more than just a beautiful young woman with a slim round figure, perfect breasts, a small firm girls bum, natural pubic hair and beautiful long hair...


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roberto wrote on 31. Mar. 2012:

  artist nude

a most curvey and beautiful artistist ......

Joan Carles wrote on 23. Sep. 2010:

  Arte dentro del arte

Original y sexy serie.

rober wrote on 03. Sep. 2010:

  k pose k ritmo k belleza.

siendo pintor. El retrato es una maravilla. Pero el desnudo que tengo aqui es la filosfia de retrato desnudo. Mis elogios tanto de luz sombra posey mas al fotografo a la guapisima modelo ¿Es pintora ?

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Candela's "naked artist"

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guapamania photos/series: "naked artist" (nudes). Artistic nude photography and lingerie photos with a touch of feminine and sensual eroticism.. The mania of pretty pictures of pretty girls. Collections with sexy stories about women from the world!. Tags for this page: Barcelona Candela El Borne Guapamania artistic nudes beautiful boobs beautiful long hair blond pubic hair cigarette smoking furry bush girls girls bum hisute girls hirsute long haired naked naked female artist naked in front of the window natural woman nude photography nude smoking girls nudes painting naked photos plump bums pubic hair series unshaven girls wild long mane artistic nude photography sensual artistic nudes erotic art nude models art nudes

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