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naked woman in strong colors (nudes of model Jasmine)
long haired italian woman (nudes of model Jasmine)
naked woman with very long hair (nudes of model Jasmine)
hairy woman wide open (nudes of model Jasmine)

Model: Jasmine

Photographer: Guapamania

Category: nudes (photos/series)

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Jasmine, the pretty Italian woman with very, very long hair, moves naked in the psychedelic-colored light from the projector, looks seductively into the camera and lets play the grace of her as womanly as girlish body for the viewer in her sympathetic and affectionate manner.

Certainly, the gentle young woman looks very sexy on these playful photos, but the poses are not the typical "model-behavior". Jasmine is just herself. Open, uninhibited and natural - just like her wild bush of long, unshaven pubic hair - she shows us really all of her, full of relish, while the loud colors lay random patterns on the curves of her body - and sometimes highlight just the most intimate parts...


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Davide wrote on 04. Jan. 2013:


Bellissime foto! un saluto

Kevin wrote on 29. Aug. 2011:

  Molto brava!

Che bella signorina! Mi dispiace parlo italiano di povre.

Jasmine wrote on 04. Aug. 2011:


'Thanks a lot!!! I'm happy to read this comment! I love art and seventies years! Peace and free love guys! A big kiss

Kevin wrote on 27. July 2011:


Jasmine is my new favorite model -- more from this lovely woman, please! I very much like this setting, too -- vivid retro-trippy colors, a great concept! One of the best portfolios here.

Angel wrote on 12. July 2011:

  psicodelia erotica

¡ Que delicia ver esos colores sobre tu cuerpo son muy eroticos!

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Jasmine's "Psychedelic nudes"

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guapamania photos/series: "Psychedelic nudes" (nudes). Artistic nude photography and lingerie photos with a touch of feminine and sensual eroticism.. The mania of pretty pictures of pretty girls. Collections with sexy stories about women from the world!. Tags for this page: Guapamania Jasmine artistic nudes beautiful long hair bushy pubes girlish body hairy bush hisute girls hirsute italian woman long haired maidenly girly tits natural girl natural woman nude photography nudes photos psychedelic colors pubic hair series small bosom tempting very hairy girls very hairy women artistic nude photography sensual artistic nudes erotic art nude models art nudes

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