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naked girl taking shower (nudes of model Candela)
wet hairy girl in shower (nudes of model Candela)
sexy girl with large natural boobs (nudes of model Candela)

Model: Candela

Photographer: Guapamania

Category: nudes (photos/series)

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Another fantastically beautiful amateur model in the red shower: a natural beauty with unshaven pubic hair and long, wet hair. Casual and relaxed, as if no photographer were present who observed her...

For sure this is a beautiful nude photos series and some of the images certainly may be called "artistic nudes". Others might be more documentation than art: they show the young girl just as she is - nothing artificial, not too much posed. The water flows through her waist-length hair, over the pretty girls face with the full lips, around her beautiful young breasts, through the dense bush of unshaven pubic hair, between the luscious cheeks of the perfectly round girls butt...

Although there are some of the photos, where the hairy, wet pussy, can be seen clearly, but it is no "explicit" series, because the focus is just on watching a beautiful young girl in the shower who feels unobserved. Do you want to?


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Kevin wrote on 27. July 2011:


One of my favorite locations, the shower, with a beautiful woman enjoying herself.

Angel wrote on 11. Jan. 2011:


bella entre las mas bellas

Joan Carles wrote on 23. Sep. 2010:

  Ay, Candela! Que guapa eres

Para ser una modelo no profesional tiene una naturalidad y una belleza fascinadora, y más aun con esas gotas recorriendo un esbelto cuerpo.

Luca wrote on 20. June 2010:


Candela ist wirklich eine unglaublich schöne und coole Frau. Hoffentlich hat der Fotograf noch viele Serien in petto und noch viele Fototermine mit Candela in seiner Agenda vermerkt!

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Candela's "unshaven beauty in shower"

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guapamania photos/series: "unshaven beauty in shower" (nudes). Artistic nude photography and lingerie photos with a touch of feminine and sensual eroticism.. The mania of pretty pictures of pretty girls. Collections with sexy stories about women from the world!. Tags for this page: Candela Guapamania amateur model artistic nudes beautiful boobs beautiful long hair fair haired furry bush girls girls bottom girls bum hairy bush hisute girls hirsute in the shower long haired naked natural woman nude photography nudes photos plump bums pubes pubic hair series showering unshaven girls wet hair wild long mane artistic nude photography sensual artistic nudes erotic art nude models art nudes

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