I’ve got a surprise for you….

November 29th, 2012
I've got a surprise for you - Yana by Daniel Bauer

I've got a surprise for you - Yana by Daniel Bauer

You’ve noticed it: this blog wasn’t very active since a while, just to not say that it was absolutely inactive.

The main reason is here:


I changed to a blogspot blog because of the simple reason that big brother google thinks that blogs on blogspot are incredibly important, while all others are not so important. I don’t know how these gusys come to such strange ideas, but it is as it is, and so I publish now on their blog system.

As you will see I will not talk only about guapamania anymore. I don’t have fixed plans abut that blog, but for sure it will be provocative. I’ll put photos that have not been published elsewhere and I’ll write about whatever comes to my mind: photography, sex, art, what ever…. I hope (!) more regularly.

I’ll be happy to see you there. Welcome on http://artistic-nude-photography.blogspot.com !

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Color my body!

July 11th, 2012

This young woman owns the body of an adolescent teenage girl, but the abundand pubic hair, her firm, round little butt, and the outrageous, provocative, sensual and daring charisma talk of an adult woman who knows about her feminine charms.

 adult woman with the body of a naked adolescent teenage girl

colorful artistic nudes of an adult woman with the body of a naked adolescent teenage girl

She jumped at the table, ripped her clothing off and let the colors caress and penetrate her body. Abstract art images chased her to receive her and draw figures on her body while Lulu exposed the act of seduction in front of everyone. The fire swept with full power over her young and slim curves. The artistic nudes that arose during this hot summer session leave space to imagine, but sometimes a drop of light brightens those intimate parts just to uncover the open horniness of the moment and of the young girl who was carried away by the heat of the colors.

The visual game went from an aquatic sequence with shades of blue to thousands of colored dots that left her boobs in red, her pussy in yellow and her wonderful pubic hair was dipped in colorful flashes to accompany her public excitement visually.

A special series of artistic nude photography: the colors glow in beautiful art nudes !

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The girls are naked outside!

July 9th, 2012

Finally summer has reached its top and it’s getting harder and harder for us men to walk thru the streets and stay cool: Although it’s strictly forbidden to walk naked thru the city of Barcelona (these are the very important and big problems that Spain has to face!) many girls in their ultra-short skirts and transparent shirts happily show us almost more than if they were completely naked. How nice!

Lovely Yana is a vision of delight

Lovely Yana is a vision of delight

It’s a game and a big show: the girls expose what they have and test their attractiveness. Especially here, young women walking in the arms of their boy friends send you hot and unambiguous looks to see your reaction, but also to tell their partners: don’t feel to sure about me, there are always some numbers I can call, fortunately you don’t know nothing about the SMS I receive…! While the youngest begin to discover their sexual impact and play with it still quite innocently, the girls in their twenties know exactly when you can see their firm little butt cheeks, they are absolutely aware, when your eyes touch the small strip that more or less covers their pussy and in spite of their pretended cool faces, it’s more than obvious that they are seeking for an ego boost with exhibiting what nature gave them.

Sex attracts and its delightful to sit in an cafe, smoking some cigarettes and enjoy the show. But sometimes it almost gets too much and then I search for a lonely place on the country side.

naked nature

naked nature

When I reached the old abandoned house I saw her laying naked in the grass. The wind blew through her pubic hair and the bushes at the bottom punished her legs. The perfect curves of the young woman seemed to be made of clay, a work of art shaped by the wind. The same wind that ceased to blow over the flowers when he saw her naked, and instead blew over Alanis young body. He brushed her cheeks as a greeting, and enthusiastic about her nakedness he disappeared between her breasts in order to embrace her from the back and taking her bottom sappily. She yielded to the pleasure, joyous and open. Lying on her blanket, she offered every part of her warm body to her favorite moment of the day. And to my camera. Take a look: Being alive is a pleasure

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Something for Everybody

June 18th, 2012

I always disagree with the idea of ​​trying to please everyone. In that sense I am quite radical. “Fine if you like it, and if not, that’s fine, too” this motto summed up pretty much my way of thinking. But I must say that I reformatted my system and this is reflected in my work. I changed Guapamania into a a site for everyone! Yes, now everyone has my photographic stories about artistic nude photography and sometimes lingerie photos at his disposal, but the more “horny” nudes are now all together in a section apart, and only for those who really want to see the stronger material, which I personally call “explicit”.

Of course everything has a “why”, and the answer is easy; it makes it harder to access for minors, and those who like the artistic nude but prefer something more soft, will not have photos in sight that do not interest them. So from now on everybody can navigate thru the pages as he likes, with many possibilities. Lovers of the more provocative nude section have unlimited access to a gallery for a small one-time payment, with a wide variety of series that can now be even more extreme than before! And for all the others, visiting guapamania is more enjoyable, too.

New series?

black and white nude of young swiss girl Selena

black and white nude

Yes! “Cool Art” is the new series of nude photography in black and white with 75 photos. Selena, a young Swiss girl, following her recent majority overnight, woke up with the naked body of a real woman. Face of a child and body of an adult. With the intact freshness of youth, pure and equally sensual and haunting.

In the explicit gallery there’s another series of little Selena, charming, but with eroticism in a higher level. The other novelty is a new story under the name “lethal Sex”, with the prominence of the Italian model Jazmine. No story details, the title says it all and if you think it’s worth, do not hesitate to explore the new explicit gallery online!

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The magic chair, ruler of my success

May 23rd, 2012

I’d have to pay attention to a certain rumor afloating in Barcelona about my magic chair. Yes, indeed I have ease of doing my nudes shoots when I use that chair. A model sits on it and almost automatically I have the results intended. No other resources or blablabla, the feminine seduction becomes apparent from click to click, and I concentrate only on the aspect of photography. How great would that be, wouldn’t it?

the magic chair, atristic nudes

the magic chair

But unfortunately the myth of the magic chair is just a story that accompanies the latest collection of nude photographs on guapamania.com. Anyone who’s trying to do a session of nudes or any photographer who engages in the nude can confirm the complexity of this type of photography. Sometimes I think, why don’t I dedicate myself in taking pictures of nature? No casting, model releases, explanations, last-minute cancellations or female doubts that lead me to the point of desperation.

Well, I can not complain, I’ve had some luck. 30-year of career and I could live my passion, or perhaps my two great passions: photography and women. They make my photos become alife despite the great struggles that may arise for finding models that are really interested in nude photography, and not just in making some quick money. The result is online, hard work, but proud of it I invite you to go for a spin on the site and meet a new collaborative model with my project: The Nude Revolution. More and bigger and better, and that means something, doesn’t it?

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Look without limits

May 10th, 2012


best of natural unshaven girls

best of natural unshaven girls

It seems like millions of years since men were acting like spies in action to be able to see some naked women. Looking through the keyhole of a door, through a hole in the wall or finding a window with wonderful views into the bathroom of school girls were some of our viable options. We had magazines of “bunnies” scantily clad, but always hidden in a shoe box or under the bed. And our mission was always clear: to see those female parts to which we normally did’nt have access. But all this is long long ago. Now we don’t need to undertake a lot of effort if we have a computer at home.

Naked girls have always been an object of desire, a one-way street to a world of fantasies and sexual instincts. But also a matter of censorship. We grew, we became adults, and still don’t understand why it is so heavily prohibited to take a plain overview of a naked body. It can be shown in transparent clothes, plunging necklines, short skirts, tight leggings and shorts, that show more than they hide, in skimpy belly shirts. All as a point of balance between bawdines and decency. A fashion that suggests but does not really show, highlighting our sex although we are not naked. But clothing is a big industry, and we’d never think of putting a law banning transparent dresses. But there’s a law that prohibits even men to walk shirtless thru the streets of Barcelona!

We are all voyeurs! Of this we will always be aware and as we are human beings of flesh and blood who want to admire feminine curves in good pictures, Guapamania now opens its online galleries. We activated a new option for you to use your power as a “voyeur” with no limits, just like in the old times. Now you can choose to see a series in an “Online Gallery”, which means that for a reasonable price and with no obligation to download the series, you can see it for a month, unrestricted. Of course once you’re in your gallery you can also choose to download the series in other sizes, so do not miss the details – for a reduced price.

And as there’s no accounting for taste, those who can appreciate the natural artistic nude can pass to watch the series which we titled “pubic hair is fashionable.” The collection of our best nude pictures with the most fashionable models. Natural, wild, unique …


sweet, sweeter, sweetest!

sweet, sweeter, sweetest!

Finally a series dedicated to people with a sweet tooth: “Sweet Thing“, an alluringly sweet girl and chocolate: it will make you melt away!

Enjoy, come in, review or download! This week with the ease of 2 for 3!

Until next time!

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Sensual, natural, naked… art!

April 13th, 2012

Guapamania women are objects of desire of every man who looks at them. They are part of a small number of girls able to feel good about their bodies and to show their sensuality without limits, for my camera, to my audience. I say this because I admire every model who dares to try being photographed in the nude and often her naturalness crystallises during the session, but I also believe that many users of the site can not distinguish at a glance how special they are.

Candela, natural unshaven beauty

Candela, natural unshaven beauty

In my last series of guapamania, Candela, the Catalan model with a lot of online series, again appeals to the public. Slender but well-rounded and particularly hairy. The camera captures her unspoiled beauty in detail and the sensual style of my art again surfaces. The nude not necessarily needs to be an incitement to something dirty, but it is provocative, insinuating and often full of feminine charm that I try to emphasize in my photographs. It is hard work. A girl comes to the session with the normal objections of an amateur, the door to a new world opens and my job is to let her feel the importance of the act she is about to realize. A lively visual legacy.

Photographersof the nude, there are many, have increased considerably since the advent of digital cameras and the internet, and of course, there is a considerable number of pages with naked girls. But I ask my audience, those maniacs of the beautiful, to analyze and study a picture and you will find the true meaning of my work and plenty of reasons to return and continue to look at guapamania. Man I am, and so, when I decided to become a photographer, my biggest incentive were the feminine curves and sensual expressions. I am sure that any human on this earth will agree that women often – for my taste depending on their naturalness – can become the most beautiful beings on earth.

The pictures are my art for you, guapamania is the means to move forward without having to rely on nothing but my ability to continue to do so. What I do has no price and neither do the published series, the nominal amount you pay in guapamania makes you part of this project, a contributor to preserve the art of nude photography as an art, not a commercial industry like it is for many others.

Welcome back to my page, and every time you buy your series keep in mynd that thanks to your contribution many more will come…..

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March 7th, 2012

… there will be news, but now I just have to post the technorati token: 7JJM6TSZ35UE

CU soon!

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google+ freaks out: THIS is porn!

February 23rd, 2012


beauty image considered porn by google+

beauty image considered porn by google+

Believe it or not, it is the sad truth: this image (on g+ with masked nipples!) was denunciated and for this image google suspended the g+ profile of my girlfriend and model Yana!

So this completely innocent image of a beautiful young woman is considered to be harmful. How sick must a persons mind be to find anything inadecuate here?

The night before the suspension a group of obviously perverted minds, unified in a circle called “quero ser circulado”, full of fanatically religious people (and some others who were inculpably added without beeing fruitcakes) , spread an appeal to denunciate all nude images. The call was shared rapidly many times between the members and it seems they searched intensively to add profiles to their circles that contain some nude images and then, with a satanic lust, started to denunciate: in the name of god!

I wouldn’t mind too much about this obvious stupidity and disrespect of the artistic expression if google wasn’t an organization which on the other side creeps into the most intimate zones of all of our lifes. It reads our emails, it uses hacks to circumvent privacy settings in our browsers, it uses our smartphones to monitor us, it tries to decode our passwords with its street view equipment, it completely disrespects our private lives and uses really dirty, evil, mean and unethical tricks while at the same time demands us to live a live like a monk.

The movement to a moralistic, antisexual society is more dangerous than it appears at  first glance. It is expression of a dictatorial orientation that wants to press us into unnatural, perverted lifestyles, where we can only be happy by consuming industrial offers, while our own creativity, our own thinking, our love and our sexuality get criminalized.

One one hand everything is oversexualized. For a politician it is important to publicly believe in god and to have no sex outside of matrimony (and only in the dark!), political programs and ideas are completely irrelevant. A (female) music star does not necessarily need a voice, but having real big tits and wearing sexy lingerie on stage helps a lot. Getting out of a car in mini skirt without panty puts you on top positions in google (!) search results. Food, cars, washing machines, everything is sold using sex. High security sex, of course: no nippples, no hair, pussy in the dark!

We get confronted with perverted ideals of beauty. We must perfectionize our bodies with plastic surgery, shave pits, legs, arms and pussies, use creams and treatments to be sexy, attractive and beautiful, but despite all of our efforts we’ll never reach the perfect clean “beauty” of the photoshopped models presented to us as ideals we should follow.

While everything deals about sex (and google for sure makes a lot of money displaying ads on searches for sexual contents), our own, real, natural, innocent, beautiful and healthy sexuality, our desire to express ourselves as human beings also in art, our love for our partners with their imperfections, gets damned, forbidden. What you cannot buy is evil. Do no evil!

We say NO to this!

Yana and I started what we call “The Nude Revolution“. We want to live love and sexuality, we want to produce honest, natural, good art of quality. We want to change the stereotypes of beauty that frustrate millions of girls and women everyday (and are beginning to do the same effect on men). We want to show that beauty does not lie in perfection but in the human being. We want to show that a pussy is not pornographic per se.

artistic nude with Yana

artistic nude with Yana

We want to be free artists and use our creativity and our love of life independend of googles weird ideas about good and bad.

We invite you to join our nude revolution!

Take part in our nude art workshops with gorgeous models in Tuscany in may 2012.
Or support us with downloading some of our photoseries on guapamania.com.
Or help us to spread the word! Click the facebook like button, go to guapamania.com and click the google+ button on the series you really like, twitter this blog entry!

There is more in life than google! Come with us!

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Hair everywhere: the very hairy german beauty

February 22nd, 2012

Can a girl be so very hairy? Julia, the beautiful young German womanl, lets her hair grow on all possible areas of her body and shows you in this series of nudes plenty of blond pubic hair, long hair in her armpits and fine hair on all other areas of her sexy and slender figure. If you look closely, you can see it grow up to her thighs!

very hairy and beautiful!

very hairy and beautiful!

In this series of artistic nudes you can see something special that you are missing because of the fashion of hair removal. You’ll be surprised how much charm the female body can have when allowing the natural hair growth. It’s a series of artistic photographs in black and white with the relaxed young woman naked on the couch, coated in her hair, with high contrasts that allow you to see every small detail detail, and with her sensual way to smoke, enjoying her nakedness.

It looks as if Julia was one of those women at risk of extinction, natural and pure. You can see her naked, with so much abundant pubic hair, blond, soft perhaps, very much hair in her armpits and on the rest of her body. Thanks to these pictures taken in bright light to achieve the contrast, you can see closely any tiny hair adorning her body, but in the most beautiful and harmonious way you could imagine.

Look at the sample photos and download the series in large size, if you’d like to see everything from really close!

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