the naked flamenco dancer

April 4th, 2011

I always ask my models about their hobbies, and Alicia said, she loves flamenco. So what could be better than to take some beautiful, fiery photos of her dancing the flamenco – but topless, naked under the long black skirt – or fully nude?

naked flamenco dancer

naked flamenco dancer

The result is a small but fine series of photographs of a naked flamenco dancer with a slightly different expression: rather strong poses, serious glances, symbolic gestures, body language…

Of course the poses allow Alicia to show her beautiful young womans body, slim but round – with short, but unshaven pupic hair…

This series is for you, go have a look at it!



and another smoking girl…


young naked smoking girl

young naked smoking girl

I am tempted to say:

these are healthy cigarettes, they don’t contain tobacco, only plutonium!

Since the terrible nuclear power disaster in Japan we hear it in the news all day long: radioactivity is no danger for your health! A nuclear power plant blows up – no reason to worry! All cancer comes from smoking, you know! And we are very happy that there were no cigarettes burning in the reactor: imagine the desastrous cloud that would have been floating around the world, killing us all. But it was a clean, non-smoking nunclear power-plant: pure health!

Ok, enough of rant, I already wrote about my opinion about Why I take more photos of smoking nude girls and about the dangers of radioactivity long time ago…

So just let’s enjoy the sexy photos of this young smoking girl! She looks younger than she really is, somehow innocent…

innocent looking girl

innocent looking girl

…but when you look at the photos of the explicit series of the sexy young girl you certainly will agree that – despite of her girlish little breast and her very slim, petite girls body – she’s really a fully developped woman. And the photos capture what you want to see, if you like to see it the explicit way…


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