hair, pubic hair, body hair…

May 20th, 2011
full bosomed latina beauty with thick pubic hair bush

full bosomed latina beauty with thick pubic hair bush

Sometimes it seems that most of the young women fall into panic when they detect a hair on their body. Especially in latin countries, where dark haired people usually are quite hairy, exists a real shaving mania: every girl wants to look “clean” like a porn star or a pre-adolescent baby.

Well, not every girl. Some women are still capable to accept themselves as they are: with skin and hair – despite of the presure from TV and magazines where all the over-retouched, photoshop-enhanced girls show their shiny smirks, fake tits, bleached teeth and perfect skin (after digitally removing all the spots shaving caused in their pubic area… ).

From my point of view, women who feel comfortable with their natural body appear much more sensual and alife than the ones that are running after the actual “musts” and play a show even in the most intimate moments, carefully paying attention to their effect…

Vanda for sure is a woman with a very strong sensual charisma. I called the series of her “pure feminity“. The young actress with south american roots unites about all we can dream when thinking about a latina beauty: her long black hair, the brown skin, the very female curves and the abundand, unshaven thick and deeply black bush of pubic hair, her expressive eyes and the breathtakingly sensual lips obviously make many men dream of seeing much more of her! And in this series of artistic, erotic nudes you can!

naked smoking girl with very long hair and hairy legs

naked smoking girl with very long hair and hairy legs

A completely different kind of beauty shows Candela, the natural smoking girl with the extremely beautiful, very long blond hair. Although with a heavy make-up, heavily made-up eyes and dark colored lips she apperas much more like a happy and natural young hippie-girl. With her completely unshaven body hair she is clearly not the typical catalan girl – you never see hairy legs, unshaven pits, such a thick bush of blonde pubic hair…

We have already see her in earlier series but since then not only her long curly hair has grown! As you can see, however, she’s still a smoker and this series of black-and-white nudes shows her rolling her hand-made cigarettes and smoking with pleasure…

Not everybody likes smoke, and even after Fukushima there are still people who truly believe that plutonium, uranium, strontium and all the nice gifts we received from our beloved nuclear industry are much more healthy than a cigarette now and then. Well then, this series is made for people who like female smokers with unshaven pubic hair and hairy legs :-)

very hairy girl with abundant blonde pubic hair bush

very hairy girl with abundant blonde pubic hair bush

Oh, Candela is still skoming in the other serie I’ve uploaded reacently, but I am sure you’re eyes will not last long on the cigarettes in the explicit series The long haired hairy girl!

If you like hairy girls this series is a must for you! Candela shows herselve absolutely relaxed, every detail of her hairy legs, her unshaven armpits, her abundant bush of blonde pubic hair can be seen of these very erotic photos. 79 images: beautiful, and hot, hot, hot!



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  1. João Says:

    I live in Brazil. And here this fashin shaving is really annoying. All girls want to look as adolescent ones. We have very hairy girls, wich I enjoy, but saddly is very rare to found one that unshaves.

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