nudes in psychedelic colors

July 10th, 2011


long haired italian woman in psychedelic light

I am not really into effects and usually I don’t use any special styling or decoration in my photos – I like the simple beauty of my models just as they are…

But recently I was watching a movie on my large screen and thought, how beautiful it could look, when a girl walks thru the projected image…

Of course I cannot useimages from a movie (for copyright reasons), allthough random images projected on the womans body would have excited me. So for this series I used a simple photo that I distorted it a bit and used one of those effect filters to change the colors into something wild and psycheledic…

So here’s the result: Jasmine, psychedelic nudes. The young italian woman with the very, but very very long hair moves very natural in the proyectors light, and she shows everything openly. If you like a little bit special, artistic images or long haired girls with a really hairy pussy you will love these images!

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