Color my body!

July 11th, 2012

This young woman owns the body of an adolescent teenage girl, but the abundand pubic hair, her firm, round little butt, and the outrageous, provocative, sensual and daring charisma talk of an adult woman who knows about her feminine charms.

 adult woman with the body of a naked adolescent teenage girl

colorful artistic nudes of an adult woman with the body of a naked adolescent teenage girl

She jumped at the table, ripped her clothing off and let the colors caress and penetrate her body. Abstract art images chased her to receive her and draw figures on her body while Lulu exposed the act of seduction in front of everyone. The fire swept with full power over her young and slim curves. The artistic nudes that arose during this hot summer session leave space to imagine, but sometimes a drop of light brightens those intimate parts just to uncover the open horniness of the moment and of the young girl who was carried away by the heat of the colors.

The visual game went from an aquatic sequence with shades of blue to thousands of colored dots that left her boobs in red, her pussy in yellow and her wonderful pubic hair was dipped in colorful flashes to accompany her public excitement visually.

A special series of artistic nude photography: the colors glow in beautiful art nudes !

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