I’ve got a surprise for you….

November 29th, 2012
I've got a surprise for you - Yana by Daniel Bauer

I've got a surprise for you - Yana by Daniel Bauer

You’ve noticed it: this blog wasn’t very active since a while, just to not say that it was absolutely inactive.

The main reason is here:


I changed to a blogspot blog because of the simple reason that big brother google thinks that blogs on blogspot are incredibly important, while all others are not so important. I don’t know how these gusys come to such strange ideas, but it is as it is, and so I publish now on their blog system.

As you will see I will not talk only about guapamania anymore. I don’t have fixed plans abut that blog, but for sure it will be provocative. I’ll put photos that have not been published elsewhere and I’ll write about whatever comes to my mind: photography, sex, art, what ever…. I hope (!) more regularly.

I’ll be happy to see you there. Welcome on http://artistic-nude-photography.blogspot.com !

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