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a very petite girl at night

August 6th, 2011

She looks very young, she has very small tits and very short hair… and she is a very tender, lovely woman!

naked girl with Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

naked girl with Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

I took these photos of her on the roof during a normal, “dark” night, but of course in our cities it never gets really dark.

Despite of the completely unromantic fact that this wasted light (wasting the energy from the – absolutely save, haha! – nuclear power plants) makes it impossible to see the beauty of the stars, at least it makes it possible to see other beauties – like, for example this young woman from Cuba.

It was not really dark, but dark enough that the autofocus of the camera did not want to work anymore, and it was really hard to find the focus thru the viewfinder…

The first part of the photos I took with a setting of ISO 3200, aperture 1.4 and a 15th second, without any additional light, just what was reflected from the clouds. Then I wanted to add more sharpness (technically :-) ), put the camera on a tripod, exposed 16 seconds, using aperture 11 with ISO 1000. While the camera exposed the chip I moved around with my hand held flash and flashed at Lulu from different angles, with different intensities.

The result is, as I beleive, a truly artistic and sensual series: One night in Barcelona… Enjoy!


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