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giant nude posters!

January 12th, 2012

Looking for a beautiful wallpaper to decorate your home, or a very special poster for your office? Well look at this:

Supermodel Yana nude

Supermodel Yana nude poster

It is a huge photo mosaic (the largest version prints 214x381cm in superb quality at 300dpi!) and consists of almost 11’000 different images of the young Topmodel Yana!

At first glance or seen from some distance this beautiful picture appears like an innocent photo of a beautiful girl in the countryside of Tuscany. But the closer you get, the hotter the picture, because it consists of about half a million small individual images (artistic and erotic nudes, lingerie shots, fantastic close-ups) that fit together like a mosaic to the overall picture. In the almost infinite variety of beautiful, sensual and erotic images the viewer can linger for hours and always discover something new: a veritable treasure of pleasurable delight!

Many of the individual images used in this wallpaper are unpublished and show Yana in a sexy openness, in which the sensuous model lets herself be photographed exclusively and solely by me!

You can send the file to a suitable printing service on the web to print it as a big poster (poster files are available for 50x90cm and 80x120cm at 300dpi), or as a decorative mural/wallpaper in top quality (approx. 2×4 meters at 300dpi).

Have a look at Yana: Sensual Dreams Mosaic to see more details. There are also 3 other images of the same style but with different themes…

The pictures are a decorative eye-catcher and a beautiful, fun wall decoration that not only will entertain you, but also your visitors! Get it!



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the lovely naked pilot

January 11th, 2012

Fly high in the sky! When my pretty model Yana undressed to enter this airplane there was quite a lot of people around, obviously much more interested in her female power than in the powerful Pilatus airplane. Who could blame them!

the pretty naked pilot

the pretty naked pilot

With this series of beautiful nudes of the pretty young girl with an airplane we’d like to wish everybody a happy and succesful flight thru the year of 2012. I am sure with this sensual and happy pilot you will even enjoy some turbulence and still feel save and comfortable.

B.t.w.: after so very much openness in the past series on guapamania these images might seem quite soft. And yes: these are artistic photos without any directly sexual expression. However, the wild mixture of innocent young girl and knowingly sensual woman that characterizes Yana, give these photos an erotic touch in the best sense of the word. For the lover of artistic nude photography the series might even be much “hotter” than many of the explicit ones – especially because the sensuality here comes from the personality of the delightful model and not from “showing too much”. However… the beautiful details for sure also make it worthwhile to download the XXL-version!

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A naked wild cat from stone age?

October 27th, 2011

As you know I am currently (and still for a few days) in Italy, in the Tuscany. It is really a very beautiful place and besides of the fact that I worked hard – actually I don’t even remember the amount of sessions I photographed here with several models – I enjoyed my stay here in this landscape with a lot of variety.

However, equipped only with my laptop that works incredibly slow compared with my computer at home, occupied by the many photo sessions and by the pleasures that Italy offers its visitors (much more than pasta, pizza, wine…) I am once again terribly in arrears with the updates for guapamania

Yana: wild cat in marble quarry

Yana: wild cat in marble quarry

However, today I published one of the series of the beautiful young model Yana:  “Stone Age Wild Cat“.

We were working on a fashion shoot in a marble quarry here in the Tuscany and it was quite cold: the stone is very beautiful, for sure, but at this period of the year it is very, very cold.

Nevertheless Yana undressed and once again revealed her playful and wild sensuality – this time in front of a block of white marble, dusty from the fresh cut, and her young brown body and her black hair form a beautiful contrast – in colors and temperature…

I am talking about the frostiness of the stone here, because I am sure that when looking at those images you will feel anything else but cold! The sexy model acts like a wild cat and wouldn’t there be here boots you could think that you meet an untamed woman from the stone age!

Well, I guess, those women were much more hairy at the time, but Yana for sure is a natural delight and, honestly, I could not understand if you don’t click the link above and download the full series! It is worthwile!

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a very petite girl at night

August 6th, 2011

She looks very young, she has very small tits and very short hair… and she is a very tender, lovely woman!

naked girl with Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

naked girl with Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

I took these photos of her on the roof during a normal, “dark” night, but of course in our cities it never gets really dark.

Despite of the completely unromantic fact that this wasted light (wasting the energy from the – absolutely save, haha! – nuclear power plants) makes it impossible to see the beauty of the stars, at least it makes it possible to see other beauties – like, for example this young woman from Cuba.

It was not really dark, but dark enough that the autofocus of the camera did not want to work anymore, and it was really hard to find the focus thru the viewfinder…

The first part of the photos I took with a setting of ISO 3200, aperture 1.4 and a 15th second, without any additional light, just what was reflected from the clouds. Then I wanted to add more sharpness (technically :-) ), put the camera on a tripod, exposed 16 seconds, using aperture 11 with ISO 1000. While the camera exposed the chip I moved around with my hand held flash and flashed at Lulu from different angles, with different intensities.

The result is, as I beleive, a truly artistic and sensual series: One night in Barcelona… Enjoy!


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The girl next door gets hot, and hotter!

August 4th, 2011


the spanish girl next door

the spanish girl next door

Martina, the young spanish woman with the distinctive face and the slim body is not a typical model-beauty. She is the perfectly normal “girl next door”, but when she undresses she reveals her highly erotic and sensual sides and her initial shyness turns into the obvious desire to be sexy and to show her hot nature.

Her sexiness is so natural and unposed that I show you the results of this photo session without any picture editing: here everything is real, no retouching, no styling, no special light: just a pretty, young woman with a large portion of personal eroticism.

I have split the photos from this session into three series. In the series “The Girl Next Door” you see in beautiful, honest images how Martina from the beginning visibly enjoyed to show her passionate fervency in frivolous poses.

hot girl with big hairy pussy

hot girl with big hairy pussy

So, as already the first series shows quite everything, how open and hot do you think is the second series, that I called “Eros and sensuality“? Just that much: this series for sure does not leave any doubts about the hot personality of this sexy young woman!

And if you really want to go into the details, well, then you got to see the “Eroric extreme” series! You can’t get closer, and what you see IS hot, believe me!


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new series and many changes in the background

July 5th, 2011

Hey, I am back in life!

Attentive readers of my blog already know that for quite a time my work almost came to a standstill.

But hey, finally I’m back and working again. So, here’s whats happening now. First lets talk about the new series on guapamania:

sexy girl

sexy girl

Yes, she is a very beautiful and sexy girl! With her wild long hair, her furry bush of unshaven, dense, black pubic hair, her slim girlish body with the perfect small tits – while thoroughly beeing an adult woman – she makes many men dream of much more than just looking at her photos…

Of course it is not possible to take images of this playful young woman without showing her sensual charisma, but anyway: in this series I tried to achieve really artistic results – not just photos of a sexy naked girl, but images you could hang at your wall. Did I reach the goal?

Go and have a look at the series Yana: naked girl on the stairs and see yourself! If you download the full size version you can print beautiful posters from it!

watching a naked girl in the bathroom

watching a naked girl in the bathroom

Have you ever dreamed to look out of your window into the bathroom of your neighbour and see a very sexy young girl taking off her panties, climbing in the shower, turning around, so that you can enjoy all of her exciting beauty?

Well, sometimes dreams come true! Here’s the proof: the series Yana: the bathroom voyeur is fun, beautiful, very sexy and while beeing a quite innocent series of nudes, it is also quite hot!

While there are many many more photos of Yana in my computer, there are also photos of many other beautiful young woman waiting to be edited and discovered by your eyes:

mini skirt woman with long legs

mini skirt woman with long legs

These beautiful long legs for example belong to Alysa. As you can see, she is a very sexy young woman and in the series Alysa: high heels and a mini mini you can also take an upskirt look under her mini skirt.

Ehm, she wear’s no panties… but I’m not giving you any more clues: You must look yourself!

Of course Alysa really is a very attractive young woman. But in all modesty I’d also like to focus a little bit on my photography…. Most of the images I took with an extreme wide angle lens and I illuminated the scene with a very bright light (still only two flashes and a reflector). While still on the topic of sensual nudes I wanted to give these photos a touch of fashion like photography. Your comments are welcome!

… and some technical changes:

Finally I completely overworked the technical background of

You might have notices that the title texts changed: I replaced the texts that said, what I think, with texts of which I know that people are searching for. With this I hope to reach a better position and more visits thru the search engines. For the same reasons I added meaningful names to all the images (for each image in the 3 languages), put them in directories with according names and added more differing alt-texts. In the old version the images have been organized very technically (e.g. /images/products/0084/img1234.jpg). That was very useful for me, but not really what search engines like. Some other changes are more data base and php related and I refrain from bothering you with those details.

Let’s hope all that work will show results soon. And if you like this page and want to support my work:

- Please put a link to where ever you can (your page, forums…)!
- click on the “like”-Button for my facebook page!
- use the new google +1 button.

Thank you!

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hair, pubic hair, body hair…

May 20th, 2011
full bosomed latina beauty with thick pubic hair bush

full bosomed latina beauty with thick pubic hair bush

Sometimes it seems that most of the young women fall into panic when they detect a hair on their body. Especially in latin countries, where dark haired people usually are quite hairy, exists a real shaving mania: every girl wants to look “clean” like a porn star or a pre-adolescent baby.

Well, not every girl. Some women are still capable to accept themselves as they are: with skin and hair – despite of the presure from TV and magazines where all the over-retouched, photoshop-enhanced girls show their shiny smirks, fake tits, bleached teeth and perfect skin (after digitally removing all the spots shaving caused in their pubic area… ).

From my point of view, women who feel comfortable with their natural body appear much more sensual and alife than the ones that are running after the actual “musts” and play a show even in the most intimate moments, carefully paying attention to their effect…

Vanda for sure is a woman with a very strong sensual charisma. I called the series of her “pure feminity“. The young actress with south american roots unites about all we can dream when thinking about a latina beauty: her long black hair, the brown skin, the very female curves and the abundand, unshaven thick and deeply black bush of pubic hair, her expressive eyes and the breathtakingly sensual lips obviously make many men dream of seeing much more of her! And in this series of artistic, erotic nudes you can!

naked smoking girl with very long hair and hairy legs

naked smoking girl with very long hair and hairy legs

A completely different kind of beauty shows Candela, the natural smoking girl with the extremely beautiful, very long blond hair. Although with a heavy make-up, heavily made-up eyes and dark colored lips she apperas much more like a happy and natural young hippie-girl. With her completely unshaven body hair she is clearly not the typical catalan girl – you never see hairy legs, unshaven pits, such a thick bush of blonde pubic hair…

We have already see her in earlier series but since then not only her long curly hair has grown! As you can see, however, she’s still a smoker and this series of black-and-white nudes shows her rolling her hand-made cigarettes and smoking with pleasure…

Not everybody likes smoke, and even after Fukushima there are still people who truly believe that plutonium, uranium, strontium and all the nice gifts we received from our beloved nuclear industry are much more healthy than a cigarette now and then. Well then, this series is made for people who like female smokers with unshaven pubic hair and hairy legs :-)

very hairy girl with abundant blonde pubic hair bush

very hairy girl with abundant blonde pubic hair bush

Oh, Candela is still skoming in the other serie I’ve uploaded reacently, but I am sure you’re eyes will not last long on the cigarettes in the explicit series The long haired hairy girl!

If you like hairy girls this series is a must for you! Candela shows herselve absolutely relaxed, every detail of her hairy legs, her unshaven armpits, her abundant bush of blonde pubic hair can be seen of these very erotic photos. 79 images: beautiful, and hot, hot, hot!



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Many very varied nudes…

March 22nd, 2011

Although I havn’t been very active on this blog recently, there were some new nudes series on, some of them I’d consider to be really artistic work, others simple but beautiful nude photos, while again others are more for the friend of very hot views of very hot girls…

Catarine in black and white…

black-and-white artictic nude

black-and-white artictic nude

The very beautifyl italian model with the special arabic tattoo on top of her mount of venus poses and moves in a high contrast light with dark shadows – a suspenseful series reminding of old black-and-white moovies. The series is called Mysterious nudes

… and in soft colors

soft color nudes

soft color nudes

This series (“Nudes in color”) contains exactly the same photos as the above, but you’ll be amazed how different they are! Whyle I took care to emphasize the contrast and the dark and fascinating ambiance in the black and white version, in the color version I’ve put the focus on the soft, female curves of the young woman. I’ve softened the contrasts a lot thus the photos show more of those details that disappear in the dark of the black-and-white nudes and the beautiful sun tanned skin color matches the warm atmosphere of these beautiful images.

Erotic snapshots of Samantha

full bosomed latina girl

full bosomed latina girl

Absolutely different photos of an absolutely different model you’ll find in the series “unambiguous sexuality” – a full bosomed latina girl with an absolutely unambiguous sexual expression. The simple snapshots show almost everything of her, starting with her alluring curves swelling out of her mini skirt or leather lingerie…

… and the shameless details

explicit photos of hot latina

explicit photos of hot latina

… can be seen in the explicit series of which I selected the most conservative photo to show here in my blog. The explicit nudes in the series really go into detail, and if you like that, you’ll love it!

Pubic hair and a flexible body

nude yoga girl

nude yoga girl

In the series Natural Yoga Girl, Desire, the long haired, slender, but very feminine and natural young woman with abundant, unshaven pubic hair shows herself in the typical yoga position and in some poses that only a girl with a really flexible body could do.

Some very beautiful, some very special photos and some simple nudes. Go see!



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dinner of love

February 4th, 2011

Last week I published two very special lingerie and nudes series of a very special model…

the dinner of love: sexy lingerie girl on the table

the dinner of love: sexy lingerie girl on the table

It was a special dinner, a dinner of love. The young beautiful dream girl wearing just some sexy lingerie, and the candles, the food, the sensuality and love abound on the table. A special night with a fiery woman ready to seduce…

In this new series Yana is in a situation of almost every mans dreams, and she really shows all of her charm and seduction. With champagne in the hand she climbs on the table and becomes the best dish of the night.

It was a night of love and warmth, and you can literally feel the passion in the photos. Her buxom brown body implicitly takes you to dream of being on the same table and seize the opportunity. Every move she makes you want to have her close to you and feel these vibrations during dinner and after.

Her varying and yet so very natural expressions let us want to know Yana even more intimately. Sometimes she seems to be a little young and tender girl but the  she turns into a woman, completely wild and sensual.

Of course she wouldn’t stay in her sexy lingerie, sooner or later she’ll undress and reveal all of her youthful slim figure – a body to die for!

irresistibly sensual nude girl on the dinner table

irresistibly sensual nude girl on the dinner table

Now there is nothing but pure passion on the table!

Love is always closely connected to the the passion and in this series the fire lights after an aphrodisiac dinner. Yana deploys hear heat while slowly stripping on the table, playing with the remains of the dinner and enjoying the wine in a highly sensual and erotic manner.

First topless while eating strawberries, and then in full nudity in a very sensual way, Yana’s unique style. She literally becomes the dessert, satisfied with the dinner she spreads on the table alongside the food, with all the sensuality of her slender, tanned body. With her characteristic abundant, dark pubic hair, her small girlish breasts and the natural and sexy expression of her face.

Two series not to be missed!

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sexy cold water fun – memories…

November 29th, 2010

After a very active, fun and in every respect warm summer in the south I am at present back to Switzerland. It is cold, snow on the roofs, ice on the streets, tons of work waiting…

So I sit here on the computer dreaming of sun and sea… and to reminisce about the past few months I edited a very beautiful, sexy and happy series of Yana, my by far preferred model. It is a cheerful series of nudes with the gorgeous naked girl with long black hair, natural, unshaven pubic hair, hard nipples and a dreamlike figure…

beautiful Yana splashed by cold water

beautiful Yana splashed by cold water

Absolutely natural, free and with her personal easy-going nature, Yana again appears irresistibly sexy in these photos. The water on the beach was ice cold, the waves constantly splashed cold shivers over the young model, soon her beautiful long hair was completely wet, salt water dripped from her luscious skin an from her thick bush of dark pubic hair.

Full of playful delight she reacted spontaneously like a young cat, she streched her perfect girls body shivering and laughing in the cool showers and showed herself spontaneous and purely unposed from her most beautiful sides.

The strong morning sun provides a high contrast in these joyful and expressive nudes. On some images, the direct back-light caused rays of light in the hair and around the young, girlish body. Sometimes it seems almost like a halo… See the complete series “cold water fun” on!

I discovered the lovely Argentinian model in spring 2010 and obviously awakened the desire to be photographed in her. Anyone who has seen the beautiful images of her (see all series that I published until now here) will not be surprised about the fact that Yana, with her non-adorned, natural sensuality, is now working successfully with many other photographers, too.

On guapamania you see her unretouched and simply the way she is: young, happy, gorgeous, graceful and seductive… If you are a photographer and would like to contact her for paid model jobs (artistic work and serious offers only!) you might want to have a look at Yana’s facebook page.

Facebook, art …:

facebook page about natural nudes

facebook page about natural nudes

I reactivated my facebook page “fotografo del desnudo” . As you might know, my artistic work is very concentrated on “natural women”.

I really do love and adore women, and (especially in my purely artistic, non-commercial work and in my photos for private female customers) my goal is to find the most sensual and beautiful sides of the portraied woman – but I am always searching this in herself, not in retouching or trying to “better” her look.

I am not a believer in those so-called beauty-standards that are told us to be perfect. I don’t look at a women as a product that has to be “optimized”, but as the human being and personality she is. I don’t want to change a woman to look like another person or like a mannequin, but I try to make pictures of her, that accentuate her own, personal beauty.  So, in my artistic work I am kind of talking about trueness and naturalness – and of course, about sensuality.

If you like this approach I kindly invite you to go to that facebook page and hit the like-button.

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