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photoshop effects on a pretty, nude catalan girl

May 15th, 2010

nude catalan girl on my sofa, with photoshop effect

It is a well known fact that I am not really a fan of Photoshop effects – and actually I even don’t use Photoshop, because I am one of those rare happy guys who don’t suffer from Windows (or much better, but expensive Macs), but work with Linux (at present OpenSuse 11.2).

Here I use digikam for the management, most of the color corrections, cropping etc. of my photos. When I have do do some retouching I use the gimp, a program similar to Photoshop (except that it lacks of 16bit processing) and that can do everything Photoshop can.

But sometimes I suffer from kind of an “editing attack” and feel like playing with all the possibilities that the gimp offers. So for this series I played around with softeners and color effects, just for fun…

However, the series shown as “the blonde catalan girl” on guapamania, contains mostly unedited, natural photos of this beautiful young woman. While discovering all of her perfect, slim but beautifully round body, her chubby bum and her completely shaven pubes on unmanipulated and unretouched photos, you can compare some others with added effects and decide yourself, what you prefer…

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