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I’ve got a surprise for you….

November 29th, 2012
I've got a surprise for you - Yana by Daniel Bauer

I've got a surprise for you - Yana by Daniel Bauer

You’ve noticed it: this blog wasn’t very active since a while, just to not say that it was absolutely inactive.

The main reason is here:

I changed to a blogspot blog because of the simple reason that big brother google thinks that blogs on blogspot are incredibly important, while all others are not so important. I don’t know how these gusys come to such strange ideas, but it is as it is, and so I publish now on their blog system.

As you will see I will not talk only about guapamania anymore. I don’t have fixed plans abut that blog, but for sure it will be provocative. I’ll put photos that have not been published elsewhere and I’ll write about whatever comes to my mind: photography, sex, art, what ever…. I hope (!) more regularly.

I’ll be happy to see you there. Welcome on !

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google+ freaks out: THIS is porn!

February 23rd, 2012


beauty image considered porn by google+

beauty image considered porn by google+

Believe it or not, it is the sad truth: this image (on g+ with masked nipples!) was denunciated and for this image google suspended the g+ profile of my girlfriend and model Yana!

So this completely innocent image of a beautiful young woman is considered to be harmful. How sick must a persons mind be to find anything inadecuate here?

The night before the suspension a group of obviously perverted minds, unified in a circle called “quero ser circulado”, full of fanatically religious people (and some others who were inculpably added without beeing fruitcakes) , spread an appeal to denunciate all nude images. The call was shared rapidly many times between the members and it seems they searched intensively to add profiles to their circles that contain some nude images and then, with a satanic lust, started to denunciate: in the name of god!

I wouldn’t mind too much about this obvious stupidity and disrespect of the artistic expression if google wasn’t an organization which on the other side creeps into the most intimate zones of all of our lifes. It reads our emails, it uses hacks to circumvent privacy settings in our browsers, it uses our smartphones to monitor us, it tries to decode our passwords with its street view equipment, it completely disrespects our private lives and uses really dirty, evil, mean and unethical tricks while at the same time demands us to live a live like a monk.

The movement to a moralistic, antisexual society is more dangerous than it appears at  first glance. It is expression of a dictatorial orientation that wants to press us into unnatural, perverted lifestyles, where we can only be happy by consuming industrial offers, while our own creativity, our own thinking, our love and our sexuality get criminalized.

One one hand everything is oversexualized. For a politician it is important to publicly believe in god and to have no sex outside of matrimony (and only in the dark!), political programs and ideas are completely irrelevant. A (female) music star does not necessarily need a voice, but having real big tits and wearing sexy lingerie on stage helps a lot. Getting out of a car in mini skirt without panty puts you on top positions in google (!) search results. Food, cars, washing machines, everything is sold using sex. High security sex, of course: no nippples, no hair, pussy in the dark!

We get confronted with perverted ideals of beauty. We must perfectionize our bodies with plastic surgery, shave pits, legs, arms and pussies, use creams and treatments to be sexy, attractive and beautiful, but despite all of our efforts we’ll never reach the perfect clean “beauty” of the photoshopped models presented to us as ideals we should follow.

While everything deals about sex (and google for sure makes a lot of money displaying ads on searches for sexual contents), our own, real, natural, innocent, beautiful and healthy sexuality, our desire to express ourselves as human beings also in art, our love for our partners with their imperfections, gets damned, forbidden. What you cannot buy is evil. Do no evil!

We say NO to this!

Yana and I started what we call “The Nude Revolution“. We want to live love and sexuality, we want to produce honest, natural, good art of quality. We want to change the stereotypes of beauty that frustrate millions of girls and women everyday (and are beginning to do the same effect on men). We want to show that beauty does not lie in perfection but in the human being. We want to show that a pussy is not pornographic per se.

artistic nude with Yana

artistic nude with Yana

We want to be free artists and use our creativity and our love of life independend of googles weird ideas about good and bad.

We invite you to join our nude revolution!

Take part in our nude art workshops with gorgeous models in Tuscany in may 2012.
Or support us with downloading some of our photoseries on
Or help us to spread the word! Click the facebook like button, go to and click the google+ button on the series you really like, twitter this blog entry!

There is more in life than google! Come with us!

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Too beautiful for google+?

February 6th, 2012

All my life (and that’s quite a while), I believed that morality, decency and respect are things that your parents teach you first, and later the society, your friends, life. As a Swiss citizen I was accustomed to live in a relatively free and liberal society in which one could express his opinion freely, where you could stand to what you think and do, even if it is not quite the average of the ordinary. Where everyone could decide for himselve what he likes, what is art, kitsch, commercial or cheap crap. It’s all a matter of taste, of personal judgment. But that was the world before Google.

Well, from the stories my grandparents told me, I still remember what pressure the Church imposed over the people and how it repressed their feelings, especially in matters of love and sexuality, in order to secure their perverse power. And from the tabloids I know how scared many people are from an “Islamization” of Western society where the religious police, strictly controlles what the citizens are saying, thinking and showing.

But it seems increasingly clear that the real danger no longer just comes from the classic despots, but by the new (wannabe) World Government: Google. With rigorous means, under radical disregard for our rights of privacy, with the miserable tool of a culture of denunciation, with its concentrated power and, in my opinion, methods often close to crime, Google tries to enforce its ideas of good and evil in a way that not only destroys the freedom of our Internet use, but is deeply involving in every aspect of our lives.

Yana,  too beautiful for google+?

Yana, too beautiful for google+?

The idea for this article gave me – granted, not directly worldshaking – the suspension of Yana’s Google+ profile. While Google researches deeply into our private lives (through its Street View antennae even tried to decrypt our private passwords – nota bene things for which any normal person would have to go to prison), while “the company” requires us to disclose any personal data and even investigates our Android phones, Google gives no reasons for the suspension. Not even an email address, where you could ask or even raise an objection! The company is completely anonymous vis-à-vis of the fully transparent users.

We know that Google has absolutely no problem with posts that show soldiers in the cheerful performance of their excessive violence, but reacts like a medieval ultra catholic with a panic attack when a female nipple gets visible. We know that Google decides on its very own criteria, whether an image is art or pornography. For this reason, both Yana and I censored all pictures uploaded to Google+, because, like everything else at Google, also these criteria are arbitrarily determinated in the spirit of a dictatorship without any democratic legitimacy, and we, the common people, have nothing to say, only have to serve, to make our data available, to reveal ourselves, on that Google can rake in more and more and more money and penetrate more deeply into all areas of our lifes.

Well, you could say Google is a private company and can set up its rules as it likes to. Who does not want to accept, has the freedom not to use the services of this company. But this is a fatal mistake.

First, (almost) any other businesses are subject to laws. For example, they pay taxes (well, up to a certain company size …). They may not pursue and monitor their customers. Imagine the scandal if your supermarket, using technical tricks and secretly, registered in your personal files where you were before you entered the supermarket, at which parts of what girls in the shop you have looked for how long, what you bought when at what time, what you said to a cashier and what color is your shopping bag, where you go after you leave the supermarket, with what people you talk (and on what topics!) what time you go to bed, with whom and in which hotel you spend your weekend, of what color, size and brand is the sexy lingerie that your wife (by Google mistakenly registered as your escapade) undresses lovingly and sensually in front of your eyes. Unthinkable!

But that’s exactly what Google does. I have no idea why the politics allows these machinations. I can only imagine, that the intelligence agencies in private hope to benefit from the wealth of monitoring data (which goes far beyond what the former East German regime amassed over its citizens).

Second, Google has put itself into a position that makes it impossible to escape from its power, at least for people and companies for which a successful web presence is important. Admittedly, this is a great marketing efficiency! But what price do WE pay for Googles prosperity? And could that position of power have been reached, if Google would have to act upon the same laws that apply to us? De facto, a single company determines whether or not you exist in the Internet. And for that Google is implementing strict rules, spun in its own abstruse mind, of a pure world that fully complies to Google’s guidelines.

Anyone who does not comply with these rules to one hundred percent will be punished and disappears from the network world, while millions of somehow stupid, or at least naive people voluntarily debase themselves as squealers to report any pubic hair that becomes visible, in the service of a hygienically sterile Google-world.

The world according to Google is not a tempting prospect. It lacks only the obligation to buy a carpet with Google’s logo, which has to be aligned to Google headquarters three times a day to kneel down and pray. Compliance is monitored by Google using your laptop camera!

“Do no evil” Google says. Referring to us. Doing the “evil” is solely Googles own affair.

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