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A new cycle and new nudes

January 5th, 2011

First of all Guapamania wishes you a Happy New Year!

The reflected naturalness

The reflected naturalness

It’s been a while since the latest news in guapamania but now begins a new, much better cycle where we hope to continue to grow as usual.

For various reasons coupled with seasons guapamaní has not been updated lately and we apologize for that. We appreciate the patience of our customers and promise to reward them with good material for this 2011!

We are working very hard to respond to requests from our customers about the tastes and preferences of each but remember that this page has a strong selection work and we prefer to take more time in order to offer quality in our pictures.
Remember we are always open to more suggestions…

New Series:

The really natural hairy girl

The really natural hairy girl

On this occasion, to start the year we offer two nudes series for you, of one of our most popular models, Candela.

The first black and white, which reflects the young beauty naked in a mirror and

the second in color which shows her more sensual side with plenty of hair in all areas of her body and lots of makeup….

We hope you’ll enjoy it ….

See you soon!

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sexy cold water fun – memories…

November 29th, 2010

After a very active, fun and in every respect warm summer in the south I am at present back to Switzerland. It is cold, snow on the roofs, ice on the streets, tons of work waiting…

So I sit here on the computer dreaming of sun and sea… and to reminisce about the past few months I edited a very beautiful, sexy and happy series of Yana, my by far preferred model. It is a cheerful series of nudes with the gorgeous naked girl with long black hair, natural, unshaven pubic hair, hard nipples and a dreamlike figure…

beautiful Yana splashed by cold water

beautiful Yana splashed by cold water

Absolutely natural, free and with her personal easy-going nature, Yana again appears irresistibly sexy in these photos. The water on the beach was ice cold, the waves constantly splashed cold shivers over the young model, soon her beautiful long hair was completely wet, salt water dripped from her luscious skin an from her thick bush of dark pubic hair.

Full of playful delight she reacted spontaneously like a young cat, she streched her perfect girls body shivering and laughing in the cool showers and showed herself spontaneous and purely unposed from her most beautiful sides.

The strong morning sun provides a high contrast in these joyful and expressive nudes. On some images, the direct back-light caused rays of light in the hair and around the young, girlish body. Sometimes it seems almost like a halo… See the complete series “cold water fun” on!

I discovered the lovely Argentinian model in spring 2010 and obviously awakened the desire to be photographed in her. Anyone who has seen the beautiful images of her (see all series that I published until now here) will not be surprised about the fact that Yana, with her non-adorned, natural sensuality, is now working successfully with many other photographers, too.

On guapamania you see her unretouched and simply the way she is: young, happy, gorgeous, graceful and seductive… If you are a photographer and would like to contact her for paid model jobs (artistic work and serious offers only!) you might want to have a look at Yana’s facebook page.

Facebook, art …:

facebook page about natural nudes

facebook page about natural nudes

I reactivated my facebook page “fotografo del desnudo” . As you might know, my artistic work is very concentrated on “natural women”.

I really do love and adore women, and (especially in my purely artistic, non-commercial work and in my photos for private female customers) my goal is to find the most sensual and beautiful sides of the portraied woman – but I am always searching this in herself, not in retouching or trying to “better” her look.

I am not a believer in those so-called beauty-standards that are told us to be perfect. I don’t look at a women as a product that has to be “optimized”, but as the human being and personality she is. I don’t want to change a woman to look like another person or like a mannequin, but I try to make pictures of her, that accentuate her own, personal beauty.  So, in my artistic work I am kind of talking about trueness and naturalness – and of course, about sensuality.

If you like this approach I kindly invite you to go to that facebook page and hit the like-button.

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art till climax

October 15th, 2010

Well, to come to the point directly: masturbating women for sure are a very tender subject, and an issue that takes quite a lot of room within mens brains – porn moovies are filled with corresponding scenes. So, is it possible to take artistic, respectful, sensual… photos of a woman who touches herself until she reaches orgasm? Certainly I am not the first artist photographer who tried to approach to this hot and somehow mysterious matter…

masturbating woman

When working with Yolanda it soon turned out that she really was capable (and enjoyed) to play with herself in front of the camera while almost forgetting that there is a photographer in the same room following her with his camera. So I just had to think about how to portray her lustful way from the start till the climax without being intrusive, without giving too much instruction – and, important, without slipping into the typical masculine images that I have in mind, of course, as most of us heterosexual males do. I decided to use available light only, to not disturb the mood with bouncing flashes, and to keep a physical and visible distance while just beeing a quiet observer.

I believe that the result really convinces. It is a series of very sensual, in its own way very hot and revelaing photos and I believe the mood, the feelings, the lust and joy of the moment can be felt viewing them. The series is called Art and Orgasm… and you can find it here…

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lucky photographer

September 20th, 2010

Life is hard. Sometimes. And sometimes it’s just marvellous.

If you ever looked out for suitable photo models, you know how hard a model search can be. You endlessly look at applicants, just to choose a few. You take test photos, and again decrease the number of possible models. You organize a first photo session with the remaining ones, to find out that only one, maybe, really is capable to pose freely and good and furthermore arrives on schedule, freshly showered, with a clean skin, in a good temper…

a stroke of luck: amateur nude model Yana

a stroke of luck: amateur nude model Yana

But then there are the lucky days!

Imagine: you open your studio’s door and a beautiful young woman steps inside. You talk with her and realize that she understands what you want in nudes photography, that she has what you want to capture from a model, that she thinks, it’s a great idea to take the photos of her that you want. You work with her from the beginning as if you already would have worked with her many times. It just works. You can concentrate on  on the expression of the model, on the light, the camera, without to need to use a lot of words (well, I still talk a lot, even if I don’t have to… :-) ).

Such things happen sometimes to me, I guess I’m a lucky photographer. But they don’t happen every day, even if you’re a photographer who has worked and works with a lot of women. Yana – you have already seen her in this blog several times and you can see the results of the first session with Yana here… – is such a stroke of luck for me. Obviously she’s my favourite model at the moment.

We worked together for several sessions during this summer, and I like the results very much. Yana is very talented, her sensuality comes from inside, is a part of her, she doesn’t have to play anything. She moves very freely and she knows how to pose beautifully. Yana also was and is model for my individual photography workshops and all of the participiants where completely happy to work with her (if you hurry up and with some luck you can still arange a workshop appointment: see link above and contact me for details…).

amateur nude model Yana on the beach

amateur nude model Yana on the beach

When Yana and I went to the beach for a photo session for the first time, we met at Plaza Catalunya before 6 o’clock in the morning to take the train up the coast. Allthough it was still very early in the morning when we arrived at the beach, Yana was very awake – as you can see in the photos series “Yana: beautyful girl on the rocks”.

It’s a series of very beautiful, artistic yet sensual nudes of a young woman – sometimes appearing as a playful, innocent girl and somtimes an attractive, experienced woman… Go, download the series, you will see at lot more of her. And you will like what you see. The model and the photography!

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gorgeous model and individual photo sessions

July 2nd, 2010

Finally summer has arrived – just in time to give to the beer consumption during the World Cup an additional boost.

And if you still don’t feel hot enough, take a look at! I have just uploaded three very nice series of Yana:

gorgeous latina amateur model Yana

gorgeous latina amateur model Yana

A truly stunningly hot, very pretty South American girl! With long black hair, a beautifully sexy and really tempting butt, a dark black bush of pubic hair and beautiful big black eyes… Fiery and sexy, exactly as you imagine a real Latina in daring dreams. And the explicit series – again, beautiful, artistic nudes, but showing everything in detail – will definitely make you sweat, no matter who wins the games today :-)

And for quick deciders a very special occasion:

Take part in individual photo sessions with Yana! Take pictures of the charming amateur model yourself after your wishes – indoor with studio flash or available light, or outdoors on the beach (for early birds!); artistic nudes or  in more explicit poses… I will asist during the entire session with advice and support and making sure that after completing the session you have the photos in your camera that you wanted.

Individual photo sessions with Yana can be booked now (and only now!) for individuals or small groups for more or less any date. If interested I will send you the price information.

I wish you a nice, hot time and a lot of fun – with football and

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waiting for the perfect sensual beauty

June 28th, 2010

She’s got everything you could dream of: wild long black hair, beautiful big black eyes, fatally full lips, a butt to die for, a dense bush of thick, unshaven black pubic hair, an irresistible sensual charisma…

She should have been the dream girl I present you with the new updloads on this weekend. I selected three series, two very beautiful artistic nudes series and an amazingly hot and absolutely open, but still very lovely and tasteful series of explicit photos… But for the first time I didn’t manage to finish editing the series in time.

So you will have to wait a little longer to see all of this beautiful, sexy latin girl. However, here a small sample, so you know, what you are waiting for:

sensual young latina girl

sensual young latina girl

Come back later this week! CU.

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Free downloads of artistic nudes

June 21st, 2010

This is my welcome gift to new members on if you register now (it’s free, no obligations) you get a credit that allows you to download any nudes photo series of the site for free – even explicit ones, if you like.

I offer this to allow you to find out yourself at no risk, if you like the quality and contents of the photo series.

Give it a try – it’s free, I don’t send any spam (you can even deselect to receive my monthly newsletter) and if you don’t like what you get, you can delete your account anytime.

beautiful long-haired girl with unshaven pubic hair taking a shower

beautiful long-haired girl with unshaven pubic hair taking a shower

This week I uploaded a new series of Candela, the beautiful young girl with the waist-long hair, the perfect body and the huge bush of unshaven pubic hair.

It is one of the series I took in the red shower, of which I already talked in an earlier post. Maybe you see the differences in the light setting between the several series of the same location…

But as today is such a beautiful day and I have been sitting at the computer for quite a while now,  I hope it’s ok, if I just lead you to Candela: unshaven beauty in shower to read, and see, more.

So, I welcome you to use my special offer, register at, choose the series you like most and download it for free. Your comments about the series are welcome!

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artistic nudes of a female artist, painting…

May 24th, 2010

I guess my neighbours and the people sitting in the sidewalk cafés on the plaza below had some very pleasing views, when I photographed this beautiful youg art student at night in an illuminated room in front of the window while she was painting an image, smoking a lot…

pretty art student painting nude

pretty art student painting nude

I photographed these artistic nudes in the studio apartment in Barcelona’s artists district El Borne exclusively with available light. The result is a series of pictures of the dense atmosphere, which, I think, show more than just a beautiful young woman with a slim round figure, perfect breasts, a small firm girls bum, natural pubic hair and beautiful long hair…

Download the complete series “naked female artist” here…

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hair-raising. hair. raising.

May 24th, 2010
most innocent sample foto from an explicit hairy details series

most innocent sample foto from an explicit hairy details series

Ho! This is hot – if you like very hairy natural girls with a very hairy unshaven pussy, and if you want to see every tiny detail of what you like!

I just published another “explicit” series of this beautiful young and hairy girl on She never shaves and her bushy pubic hair would almost cover everything, if she wouldn’t be that open as she is on some of these close-up photos.

I don’t think I ever inserted another series that consists of almost only pussy close-ups. But I was often asked about going more into details, so here they are! Enjoy!

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those were the days, my friend…

May 22nd, 2010

Recently I was diging into my archives and found some huge U-Matic video cassettes with  softporn moovies I shooted many many years ago. What a nostalgic feeling!

bosomy girl in a softporn video from the 80s

bosomy girl in a softporn video from the 80s

Compared to what is available now, the video technology was very basic, at least with the cameras available for an affordable price. So looking at these hot scenes from the past really makes you jump back in time… The full-bosomed blonde girl (with all natural tits, of course) is totally permissive, she obviously enjoys to show how she masturbates, how she strips, smokes a cigarette and then another cigarette, plays with her gigantic boobs…

There is no perfection in this video, it’s just pure fun: a natural sexy girl filmed by a young photographer who can’t get enough of the curvy and hairy details. No need to say that girls that time wouldn’t shave their pubic hair, so her blond bush is wild and covers her hairy labia until she opens her pussy to insert a…

Well, if you like to enjoy some hot, hot feelings from the past, go and have a look at the retro video “busty blonde from the 80s“!

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