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Explicit? More than explicit!

January 10th, 2012

I havn’t been blogging for a while, but there were still some interesting news on guapamania!

While the world celebrated Xmas and a (hopefully) happy new year, and while I was on a dreamlike romantic trip from Venice to Florence in Italy, I uploaded some extremely explicit nudes series:

Bondage: Intriguing details

full bosomed hairy girl bondage

full bosomed hairy girl bondage

You have already seen Samatha in several series and you know that this full bosomed young woman with the big hairy pussy is very, very hot… But what she shows in this series is really arresting!

A girl tied down, the thick rope slips between the hairy lips or pulls up tightly between the spread legs and lets the big hairy pussy bunch out even more explicitly…

No, in this series we are not really talking about artistic photography. These are photos that aim very directly and openly to where lies the hotspot of desire for many: between the legs of a sexy, erotic woman without any restraint!

Go get this explicit erotic photo series and enjoy – especially if you choose the largest size!

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The girl next door gets hot, and hotter!

August 4th, 2011


the spanish girl next door

the spanish girl next door

Martina, the young spanish woman with the distinctive face and the slim body is not a typical model-beauty. She is the perfectly normal “girl next door”, but when she undresses she reveals her highly erotic and sensual sides and her initial shyness turns into the obvious desire to be sexy and to show her hot nature.

Her sexiness is so natural and unposed that I show you the results of this photo session without any picture editing: here everything is real, no retouching, no styling, no special light: just a pretty, young woman with a large portion of personal eroticism.

I have split the photos from this session into three series. In the series “The Girl Next Door” you see in beautiful, honest images how Martina from the beginning visibly enjoyed to show her passionate fervency in frivolous poses.

hot girl with big hairy pussy

hot girl with big hairy pussy

So, as already the first series shows quite everything, how open and hot do you think is the second series, that I called “Eros and sensuality“? Just that much: this series for sure does not leave any doubts about the hot personality of this sexy young woman!

And if you really want to go into the details, well, then you got to see the “Eroric extreme” series! You can’t get closer, and what you see IS hot, believe me!


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hair-raising. hair. raising.

May 24th, 2010
most innocent sample foto from an explicit hairy details series

most innocent sample foto from an explicit hairy details series

Ho! This is hot – if you like very hairy natural girls with a very hairy unshaven pussy, and if you want to see every tiny detail of what you like!

I just published another “explicit” series of this beautiful young and hairy girl on She never shaves and her bushy pubic hair would almost cover everything, if she wouldn’t be that open as she is on some of these close-up photos.

I don’t think I ever inserted another series that consists of almost only pussy close-ups. But I was often asked about going more into details, so here they are! Enjoy!

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those were the days, my friend…

May 22nd, 2010

Recently I was diging into my archives and found some huge U-Matic video cassettes with  softporn moovies I shooted many many years ago. What a nostalgic feeling!

bosomy girl in a softporn video from the 80s

bosomy girl in a softporn video from the 80s

Compared to what is available now, the video technology was very basic, at least with the cameras available for an affordable price. So looking at these hot scenes from the past really makes you jump back in time… The full-bosomed blonde girl (with all natural tits, of course) is totally permissive, she obviously enjoys to show how she masturbates, how she strips, smokes a cigarette and then another cigarette, plays with her gigantic boobs…

There is no perfection in this video, it’s just pure fun: a natural sexy girl filmed by a young photographer who can’t get enough of the curvy and hairy details. No need to say that girls that time wouldn’t shave their pubic hair, so her blond bush is wild and covers her hairy labia until she opens her pussy to insert a…

Well, if you like to enjoy some hot, hot feelings from the past, go and have a look at the retro video “busty blonde from the 80s“!

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an indecently jucy, hot session

April 11th, 2010
Yolanda masturbating on the bare floor

Yolanda masturbating on the bare floor

Yolanda told me full of joy and pride: I’ve got a huge, hairy, wet cunt with big, thick lips! And this is no overstatement at all, as you can see in this crazy series at!

Then she begann to play with herself, to caress herself, to open her pussy… while I followed her lustful masturbation with my camera…

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